Upcoming Litters. They will get along well with most family pets, as well as any children in the house provided they are properly socialized. While this list isn’t by any means all-inclusive, these are some of the most popular golden retriever mixes that you’ll come across. Lokal. Golden Vizslas are independent and make great hunting companions. Despite their rather intimidating size, the Golden Bullmastiff Retriever is courageous yet gentle, loving and sociable. In this article, we give you all the details you need regarding the Leonberger Golden Retriever mix and discuss whether this cross-breed dog is right for you. Lancaster Puppies advertises puppies for sale in PA, as well as Ohio, Indiana, New York and other states. Die günstigsten Angebote beginnen bei € 250. Most Golden Heelers won’t approach this size, but it’s not uncommon with some of the larger males. The Goldenbull is a medium to large-sized pup that mixes the American Pitbull Terrier and the Golden Retriever. Golden Corgis mix two friendly and adorable breeds. There are many mixes that aren’t on this list, two of which you can read about here. The Golden Bullmastiff Retriever does shed moderately, but weekly brushing can help to remove dead, loose hair from your dog’s coat. Their luxurious double coat is lion-colored, ranging from light sand to a rich mahogany, accented by a black mask an… Golden Retriever for sale in Anchorage, ak. Find similarities and differences between Leonberger vs Golden Retriever vs Labrador Retriever. Lost My Doggie helps find lost dogs, lost cats or stolen pets in ANCHORAGE, AK. Roxy Anniversary: 02/16/2015. Your breeder should know about instance of all these conditions in their puppies’ family tree. Golden Ridgebacks are more strong-willed than other Retriever mixes, so they aren’t recommended for first-time owners. Encontrá Criaderos De Leonberger - Perros de Raza Golden Retriever en MercadoLibre.com.ar! Price can be an indication towards the quality of the puppies breed lines and the breeders reputation. This will largely depend on the size of each parent. The traits and temperaments of both parent breeds give you an idea of how a puppy may turn out, but there are no guarantees. For that reason, this breed is best suited to an experienced dog-owning home. Hybrid vigor is a better ability to survive and reproduce, thanks to a wider genetic diversity. Note that male Golden Mountain mixes are usually larger than their female counterparts. These dogs grow to be medium-sized, standing around 20 inches at the shoulder and weighing up to 66 pounds when fully mature. If things go well, you might want to offer the dog a permanent home! These tendencies … Grooming requirements are modest too, and a brush once a week should be all you need to do to keep your Golden Hound’s coat in good condition. A crossbreed is the result of deliberate cross-breeding between two purebreds, with the hope of capturing the best characteristics and traits of both parents. It’s not the most obvious Golden Retriever mix. The first Leonberger was imported to the United States in 1971. The Golden Shepherd typically lives for between ten and 14 years. These pups can survive in an apartment if they take more after their Mastiff parent, with their energy levels slightly more curbed. No need to register, buy now! They will be very loyal to their families, and are generally eager to please. Golden Retriever prices fluctuate based on many factors including where you live or how far you are willing to travel. Dachshund Australian Shepherd Boston Terrier Corgi Great Dane Schnauzer. The long, silky coat that these pups typically have does take quite a lot of grooming to keep it from becoming tangled and matted, and the breed does tend to shed continually too. Thank you for the great rundown of these hybrid breeds with golden retrievers. Golden Bullies have lots of energy, especially when young. Bellumori, T.P., et. Advocates of cross breeds prefer designer dogs because they have what is known as hybrid vigor. Their Weimaraner parent is known for shedding, just as much as their Golden Retriever parent. Rather than buying a designer dog from a breeder, you should check out your local rescue or shelter. Their coat will be long, and need regular grooming to keep shedding under control. Life expectancy for the Golden Dox is typically between 12 and 14 years. This crossbreed is generally pretty laid-back and doesn’t need as much as exercise as most of the other Golden Retriever mixed breeds. Golden Ridgebacks are thicker than their Retriever parent, and usually have more of a dark red hue with their coat color. The Goldmaraner mixes the Weimeraner and the Golden Retriever. All the training tips, product reviews and discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week. The person who we got it from doesn’t breed this cross-mix but if I ever see any I will be sure to link them to you. That gives you the opportunity to make sure that the dog is a good fit for you and your family. These are unusual, beautiful dogs that have the long, golden coat of the Golden Retriever and the tall, athletic body of the Afghan Hound. I’m happy that you have found one. 28. The Great Pyrenees is naturally aloof with most strangers, but enhanced with the Golden Retriever’s social nature, the Goldenpyre opens up fairly easily. The Golden Sheltie is not a purebred dog. The golden rule (no pun intended) when getting a dog is to ask to see the parents and their medical documents. He gets 2 daily 2.5 mile walks to get all his energy out and keep him in shape. Apr 1, 2019 - Cu Leone Breeding Leonbergers and Irish Wolfhounds Find the perfect golden retriever mix stock photo. However, there is much debate regarding designer dogs. Entdecke 10 Anzeigen für Leonberger Mix kaufen zu Bestpreisen. If you have a large home with plenty of outside space and you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, the Goldador could be the perfect pet for you. However, if your Beago takes more of the Beagle parent’s character traits, he may be easily distracted by an interesting scent. This will ensure you are able to curb destructive behavior. With so much variety, you’re bound to find your ideal pup among our list of Golden Retriever mixes. AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! They are eager to please their owners and make great pups for first-time dog owners. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Labrador Retriever. These pups are generally quite small in stature like the Chihuahua parent but are usually very trainable, loyal, and obedient. II. Both Leonberger and Golden Retriever requires Moderate maintenance. A healthy Beago can have a life expectancy of between ten and 12 years. To those who have a Leo -golden , mix congratulations on having a wonderful dog. However, correct training and socialization early on in your dog’s life are just as crucial as inherited traits. While apartment living is fine for the Golden Aussie, you’ll need to have the ability to walk your dog for at least 45-60 minutes daily. These pups are also very trainable and eager to please. A full-grown Golden Mountain mix can weigh up to 110 pounds, standing up to 27 inches tall at the shoulder. There is little information regarding the Leonberger Golden Retriever mix. Also check. Compare Leonberger and Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever. They can get quite large, and because of that, you’ll want to have enough space to accommodate them. Thinking a Golden Retriever Mix could be the perfect dog for your family? The breed does get along with other dogs, children, and cats. Best of luck and thanks for commenting! Regardless of which breed dominates the genetic make-up of your puppy, you can expect the adult dog to drool a lot! The Golden Shepherd looks much like a German Shepherd in size. Some may state that longevity or hybrid vitality, to which I will answer, find a quality breeder and whose blood lines show breeding for health. The Goldenpyre makes a great family companion, but also has a stubborn nature and will need proper training at an early age. As a general rule, mixed breed dogs are less likely to have health problems. They will require regular grooming as they are double coated, and shed at a higher frequency during the early summer months. If things don’t work out, you have the option to return the dog to the shelter. Golden Retrievers are famously easy to train, which makes them a great fit for owners of all experience levels. A study of over 27,000 dogs at the University of California, Davis from 1995 to 2010 discovered that at least 10 inherited disorders are more likely to affect purebred dogs. Posted on March 2, 2018 by Joanne Anderson . The Alaskan Goldenmute is a cross between a Golden Retriever and an Alaskan Malamute. This cross is smart, energetic, and loyal, and it has potential as both a family and guard dog. Originally, the Leonberger was an attempt by Herr Heinrich Essig to create a dog that looked like a lion, part of the crest of Leonberg. This giant breed nearly became extinct during World War I. They have the gentle nature and sociable attitude of the Golden Retriever, making this mixed breed a wonderful family pet. However, there are a few hereditary health concerns of which you should be aware, including hypothyroidism, epilepsy, Von Willebrand’s disease, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). At least a medium sized yard is recommended, but they can do well in a smaller home if they are properly exercised. However, once welcomed into the home, Golden Ridgebacks are fine with most people that have been accepted by their owners. Many Great Golden Danes enjoy dog sports, including obedience. The Golden Retriever is a large dog who is also strongly built with a broad head, short floppy ears, and intelligent eyes. The Leonberger appeared in Leonberg, Germany in 1846. Leonberger Golden Retriever Mix Keywords: leonberger, leonberger dog, leonberger kreiszeitung, leonberger hunde, leonberger puppies, leonberger zeitung, leonberger welpen, leonberger rescue, Photogallery Leonberger Golden Retriever Mix: The Great Golden Dane is a very intelligent, friendly dog that’s easy to train and loves to please. Jber, AK. Hi Deborah, while we don't have breeders we work with, I'd encourage you to look at Malamute or Golden Retriever rescues. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Labrador Retriever. The Goldendoodle is a medium-sized dog that usually grows to weigh between 30 to 60 pounds when full-grown. However, the time you save on exercising your Golden Chow Retriever must be spent on grooming him instead. She grew up with 3 young children and never lost patience with them. These pups are active during their puppy years, but in true Corgi fashion, can also enjoy a good cuddle on the couch with their owner. The Golden Bullmastiff Retriever is a very large mixed breed that’s created by crossing a Bullmastiff with a Golden Retriever. The kind and gentle nature of the Golden Retriever makes it an ideal family dog. Their coats will range anywhere from a light tan color to Golden, and Golden Bullies have short to medium-length coats. However, the breed is curious and smart, a combination that requires a well-fenced yard to keep him from wandering in search of adventure. Love Your Dog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Finding Golden Retriever Chow mix puppies for sale Meet Athena, the Golden Retriever Chow mix puppy. Entre y conozca nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. So, if you go to the beach or to the lake, be prepared for your dog to dive right in! One of these pups would suit you perfectly if you enjoy hunting, hiking, or trail running. The breed is generally healthy, although if the Dachshund parent is dominant, your puppy may develop eye problems when he’s older. Inheriting it’s fondness for strangers, the Goldenpyre is good with people, kids and other family pets if socialized early. The male Leo sports a thick mane around the neck and chest giving him a lion-like appearance. Mixing the English Mastiff and the Golden Retriever gets you an extra-large pup with energy levels that are slightly more intense than their English Mastiff parent. If you’re looking for a dog with a small stature, a chirpy personality, and a friendly nature, a Goldenshire could work for you. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Bernese Mountain Dog. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. Bernese Mountain Dog Mix. Due to their size, and their Pyrenees parent’s knack for wanting to guard the flock, we recommend having a larger and fully fenced yard. That said, the Golden Pei’s grooming requirements are modest, and a brush once a week should suffice. When it comes to health, you should be aware that both parent breeds are vulnerable to elbow and hip dysplasia. The Goldendoodle is a lively, friendly, sociable breed that’s best-known for its adorable fluffy coat and comical appearance. The dog breed demonstrates tremendous energy, playability, and intelligence. Beagos are pretty healthy critters. Consistent grooming will be needed to keep the hair out of your home, including daily brushing. Remaining true to their early roots as a … Brain games can work well for this breed, but that’s not a substitute for proper exercise. At that time, wildfowl hunting was prevalent amongst the Scottish aristocracy. This mixed breed is one of the friendliest, most sociable designer breeds you can find, making the Golden Hound the perfect choice for a family canine companion. Bottom line, crossing the Leo-golden does not produce a functional hybrid trait (ex. These are heavily-built, muscular pups that can grow to stand 27 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing up to 130 pounds! They will need regular grooming to keep their shedding under control. The majestic Golden Shepherd is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever. Do you have the right living arrangements and enough time to devote to this kind and friendly dog? Also, these pups can be card-carrying escape artists. However, if you begin training your puppy from day one and ensure that he’s properly socialized, you’ll finish up with a friendly, obedient pup that has a kind nature. The male’s head is larger than the female’s, but both have medium sized, triangular floppy ears, a large nose, and kind-looking dark brown eyes. That means that your pup will shed all year continually round, and he will have two heavy shedding periods during the spring and fall. Their grooming needs are moderate, and they will require weekly brushing sessions. In this article, we will give an overview of Afghan Hound Golden Retriever Mix. When you buy a crossbreed dog, there’s no guarantee of what you can expect. Their coats will also be medium length and a little denser. “Weak” genes from one parent are more likely to cancelled out by the other parent, making crossbreeds stronger and healthier. The breed is great with children and compatible with other pets. That’s a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Chow Chow. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Australian Shepherd. Good luck in your search for the perfect Golden Retriever mix! A Golden Retriever Rottweiler mix puppy will cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000. Golden Retriever Puppies available for sale in Anchorage, ak from top breeders and individuals. Goldmaraners do well with kids and other canines if socialization starts at an early age. Encontrá 12 excelentes ofertas al mejor precio en Mercado Libre Chile your own Pins on Pinterest Your Goldendoodle could have a cream, orange, dark brown, black, or gray coat. So, which is the best breed to mix with the Golden Retriever? One of the giant breeds, the Leonberger is powerful and elegant. This versatile breed has been successful for guarding livestock, search and rescue, obedience, water rescue, tracking and as a family companion. You are going to get a Large-giant dog, with the same social traits, coat, and activity that both breeds are known for. Please share your story. It came part of the AKC Working Group in 2010. However, the Chinese Shar-Pei is not known for its tolerance, and that’s why this designer breed is better suited to families with older children or no children at all. This breed occurs with a generous double coat; the Leonberger is a large, muscular, and elegant dog with balanced body type, medium temperament, and dramatic presence.The head is adorned with a striking black mask and projects the breed's distinct expression of intelligence, pride, and kindliness. View our lost dog & cat missing pet database. Golden Sheepdogs are large, and can get up to 80 pounds in weight for males, slightly smaller for females. Golden Newfies will usually be between 80 and 90 pounds, but it’s possible to creep past that 100-pound mark, due to the size of their Newfoundland parent. al. No need to register, buy now! The Golden Malinois will usually weigh no more than 60 pounds. Most Golden Chis look more like their Chihuahua mom or dad than the Golden Retriever side of the family.