Anyways, thanks! -Kim. Don’t use the consistency of the video as your guide. I really like the wraps by Maria Emmerich in the first link but love the zucchini wraps equally as well when I want some veggies. Any suggestions? -Kim. -Kim. **** I'm often asked how these wraps taste. I was told not to eat the BBQ flavored for that reason… Either don’t hit that button or check the recipe out on desktop. Hi Stephanie. How much of it do you taste, and do you think it would be tolerable for someone like me? I just made these with an electric tortilla press sprayed with coconut oil. Is there a substitute for the crean cheese? I just wanted to share something with you about my alternative to pork rinds. Hi Suzie. Do you know how many carbs are in just one tortilla? Okay, so if you don’t have a food scale, buy a pork rind bag that is 3.5 ounces, 4 ounces or 5 ounces. To reheat, use the microwave or heat them on in a skillet to warm them through. Linda, the recipe calls for 4 ounces of pork rinds. Not spicy buy with a little zing. Yeah! Great question, Tiffany. She used 2 ounces instead of what was stated in the recipe. -Kim. We hope to have it fixed at the end of the weekend. Since taste is so individual, I can’t tell you if you would like them or not. Thanks so much for letting me know I had a typo! -Kim. Have you had pork rinds before? I can’t write the word “trace” on it. Just made these bad boys tonight with traditional beef taco trimmings. (By the time I was done, I’d used more than 2 cups of water to keep my mix thin and runny, but I was also making mine a lot thinner than yours looks in the pics), Great! I know from experience. My husband likes them with eggs! wow these look great….is there anywhere to buy them, as I’m a terrible baker and do not know my way around a kitchen? Heck, I would even eat them with the cold ratatouille! I have no idea of what a bag yields … One wrap is trace carbs, but you can count it as 1 if you want to be safe. It’s just the crispy deep-fried skin. Enjoy finding recipes you all enjoy! The sweet corn extract is an awesome product! I love your ideas about what to wrap these around. Thanks for this recipe and your other recipe ideas. They will spread out a little and also rise. Thaw out the night before in the fridge. These look great! I ran the pork rinds through twice because after the first time I didn’t think they were powdery enough. I’m going to try this and if it works, I’ll know you are a genius. I find pork rinds in the chips and dips section of my super market. I’m going to make another batch and pour it thicker to see what happens. I get Baconettes brand from the store, but I don’t remember what their ingredient list looks like. This recipe has changed lives – for real. Hi Kay. Good catch, Susan. They come in regular or spicy/chili varieties, I have never seen plain ones. If you guys don’t like this one, then try the other recipe from Maria Emmerich – psyllium wraps. Lettuce leaves are cool, crispy and the perfect Whole30, keto and paleo alternative in place of bread. About how long do these stay fresh in the fridge? I am also unclear how much of the resistant starch in these products actually ends up being absorbed. -Kim. Good luck finding the pork rinds. when you say TB of cinnamon. Thank you so much for this recipe! Glad you liked the recipe. Hi Andrea. -Kim. They can be frozen and please refrigerate after making or they may mold. You may be able to experiment with an egg only recipe. I did mine in my small omelet pan and tilted the pan like I was making making crepes.. Great idea Joanie. With The only thing I would like them to be different is to be more chewy…the texture was a bit more like dense pancakes in my execution. That said, they have a lot of potential for either savory dishes, or sweet. -Kim, No, I’m sorry Donna, they can not. Make it as thin as possible. I am sorry. Enjoy! I made these to act as hot dog buns tonight and they turned out great! If you want these wraps to have that corn taste, I would suggest adding 1/2 – 1 tsp to the recipe. Unfortunately, the video shows some lumps. -Kim. Hi, I added a bit of dill, salt and garlic powder to a different eggs recipe and the egg disappeared…and they were great. Just wondering if you’ve tried using sour cream instead of cream cheese. If you google pork rind pancake recipes you will get a ton of hits. Definitely not “rocket surgery”. I hope you enjoy the recipe. One such book is The Great Cholesterol Con and is available on Amazon. -Kim. Amber, the carb count comes up as “trace” on my nutritional program. It makes a faux cornbread made with almond flour & flaxseed taste exactly like real cornbread. Hi Julia. Yes, they freeze beautifully! I’d like to make them in advance and have them on hand. Thanks for your comment! Next time though, I want to try with plain, not spicy rinds so not to compete with the stuffing flavors. The nutritional info is for 1 wrap. -Kim. This recipe makes a fairly firm product and for pancakes, you want “fluffy”. If you use the egg alternative what kind of oil would you use – olive or vegetable. Thanks for letting me know. You could probably make it will all egg whites if you want. Easy, Keto Low-Carb PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Video is a quick copycat recipe that is low in calories. Thanks for this recipe, since I started on a Keto lifestyle, I’ve been looking for bread substitutes. Tasty but pretty neutral, pliable but sturdy. There are many low carb and keto sites around that offer great recipes. Tastes like an omelet to me, an I can make egg wraps with nothing but eggs ans save all that extra fat and calories from pork rinds and cream cheese. There was a big argument with Dreamfields Low Carb Pasta many years ago – that it spiked blood sugar in diabetics just like regular pasta but kept it elevated for a longer period of time because of all of the fiber. Thanks for taking the time to comment. They were a tiny bit eggy when eaten plain, I just wanted to try it by itself didn’t plan to eat it that way, but once I put the hot dog and a bit of chili on the dog I didn’t notice the slight eggy flavor. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the recipe. -Kim. They don’t quite have a pancake texture. Have a great week. I mean I seen this And Pork Rind pancakes,?!! Yes, Hayley. Good to know you use Mastercook, it is my digital cookbook of choice. They regular has ‘seasoning’ though it’s quite subtle and should work (though I’ve never tried cooking with them). I’m new to this and I’m wondering about the pork rinds. Then came Gloria’s Soul Bread!! The original recipe (you can find in the post) uses flavored pork rinds which may “disguise” the taste a bit? Sorry for the inconvenience. I made frajitas tonight, but these would be great with anything you would usually stuff in bread or a tortilla. I might add about 2 tablespoons of oil. I have low blood sugar/ hypoglycemia and have to be very careful with the carb count of things. I am wondering if they can be toasted? -Kim. I did think they were a little eggy for use as a tortilla, so I will try using half egg whites next time. HI Ashley, great question! it’s Mambi brand. :) BTW, you and my daughter share a name, it means “Beloved”. We are in the middle of switching all of the recipes to a new program. No breaking or cracking. I would probably add some herbs, seasonings and cheese and make it savory. They did in fact look just like the photo. Just an FYI but I reread the recipe and realized I omitted the oil. Is that thiCk or thiN? Thanks for the recipe idea. I like them much better filled with savory things like carne guisada or green chile stew. Have a fantastic week. That’s why I changed it. -Kim. The tomato version is 4g net carbs per wrap, carrot version is 4g, apple kale 6g, mango chipotle 5g. I owe you! Yum! But still good with original recipe. Luckily I have a great recipe for Zucchini Tortillas for Soft Tacos and there is a psyllium tortilla recipe by . Nuco Moringa Coconut Paleo Wraps, Pack of 5. I had a couple of left in the bowl so I added a little vanilla, cinnamon and a couple packets of Stevia just to fun. I put some oil in a small skillet, got it very hot and spooned in some batter. Carbohydrates from sugar alcohols are not included in net carb counts as it has been shown that they do not impact blood sugar. I may have to try that french toast idea. Pork rinds are sold in chain markets. Hi Amanda. 2) I LOVE Mac’s BBQ pork rinds. This should be true for most websites. Hi Cindy! -Kim. No, Sam, unfortunately the pork rinds are an integral part of the recipe. I’m glad your husband was able to enjoy them, too. It was still great, but not exactly like a tortilla. I would try another recipe. -Kim, Can you suggest alternatives to pork rind as my religion does not allow me to take pork, Madiha Lee, I am sorry. -Kim, Bobbi, I wonder too. You may be able to use egg beaters instead of eggs. I’m a newbie low carb high fat keto eater (2.5 months) and miss making homemade tortillas with my Mexican food. Hi Brianna. What brand of pork rinds are you using? Enjoy. They make a really nice crunchy coating on meats when mixed with Parmesan cheese. This may help them taste less eggy. What could you use if you don’t eat pork? thanks. I love how readers tweak to make recipes their own. I love them. There are many others, too. I plan on wrapping a couple around shredded beef and taco fixings tonight. I’ve been doing them for over a year They are dryer, especially opened and toasted. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. You can buy a large barrel of them on Amazon. It had too much of an egg taste to me. Hi, Sally. Is that like a whole bag of pork rinds? I’m new to low carb and I see that pork rinds are used quite often. I made the almost zero carb wraps but was only able to find spicy pork rinds. -Kim, I would put a piece of parchment paper between each one too :), I’ll come back and rate this after I’ve made it! What kind of oil would I use in the substitution? It is the fried skin of pigs and a rich source of protein and collagen. Sorry about that Alma. Your rating should be based on taste & performance vs. complaining about the batter mix. It doesn’t matter if you weigh the pork rinds before or after grinding. Looking for low-carb sandwiches and wraps recipes? And pork rinds are a great low carb source of protein, contain heart healthy fats, and are full of gelatin. -Kim. Thanks again for sharing the site and your comment. Please give me a little more info. -Kim. It tasted EXACTLY like French toast. ;). -Kim. This will up the calories, fat I think? My picky diabetic husband approved. What do you think about using a waffle iron with this recipe? Lol. I guess you could use a vacuum bag, too but not completely crush them. I really miss corn tortillas! But, it’s important that people understand why they encounter differences when they enter the ingredients into their own calculators and I thank you so much for bringing this up! Toufayan Bakeries, Low Carb Tortilla Wraps for Sandwiches, Burritos and Wraps, Low Sodium, Naturally Vegan, Cholesterol Free and Kosher (Low Carb, 3 Pack) 4.5 out of 5 stars 117 $24.99 $ 24 . I was wondering if you’ve heard of or tried Pea Protein. For the first time in a long time I was able to eat kind of like the normal people do! On a non-stick frying pan, add some olive oil. I’m addicted to them actually but my husband and I are going to try to do more of a Ketogenic diet to lose weight and feel better and have more energy. The thicker wraps would not have worked for enchiladas at all – I tried. I added a little chili and garlic powder, 3 whole eggs and 2 whites and they came out great! We are working on it. -Kim. Do you have any suggestions for the best type of pan? The wraps should be thicker than a tortilla for sure. Hi Lydia, since the pork rinds are the main ingredient of the recipe, it would be impossible to sub for it. I’m so glad you found something you like and with regular ingredients to boot! I also have a very good crepe recipe which is almost like the real thing in texture and in cooking which may be easier for enchiladas next time. Terms and Privacy You're in the right place! It is baking soda. -Kim. The first tortilla I made worked perfectly but it was very thick, even after using the back of a spoon to spread it. LOL, Great, Jeff! * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Thanks for your reply! So, make sure you look at the back of the package and select the lowest carb ingredients for the lowest carb counts for your recipes. I think the tears were because maybe i didn’t let em brown up enough…my mistake, not an issue with the recipe. It also reminds me of injera (Ethiopian bread) and would be delicious with Ethiopian food. I find the best and fluffiest pork rinds at the Mexican/Hispanic market, but not everyone has one in their city. My daughter, too, has food allergies (actually sensitivities) so I feel your pain. Airtight container? I do still find them a bit eggy so I may try the modified recipe next, where can I find the print recipe for these tortilla bread? My wife is now obsessed with the elephant ears…. The good thing is that you will most likely be able to lose weight with minimal activity for a while. It makes his heart over work and shut down. I think I liked the pan method best, because it added a little crunch to the outside. The video is not intended to be a complete recipe video. I’m sorry about that. They turned out really wet and eggie. I often offer a basic recipe that on can change up per taste and it sounds like you have made it your own. Thanks for sharing. I’ll change it shortly. Red and yellow bag. Going to try this over week end .will let you know how I did. I had a hard time with these at first. I can’t remember which. I’m the only one on Keto in my family so they’d just be for me. I made the recipe last weekend to make sure that it was correct. I started a Keto diet a week ago and was hating I didn’t have a flat bread alternative. Thanks for taking the time to comment and have a wonderful weekend. I hope this helps. Never heard of them!! Some people need to stay around 35 total carbs to lose. Thank you !! :) I’d like to know before trying. -Kim. They are 2-3 net carbs per roll that way. ??????????? Total game changer. These wraps do have potential for savory and sweet applications. -Kim. This needs corrected. I would be interested to hear about it. -Kim. Hi! Worked great! They came out perfect! I bought pork skin flap from Coles and crisped it in the oven. Thank you for the reply. Do they taste eggy?? ? Yes, this is an actual picture. Hi, Terry. I am trying this recipe with a Mexican pulled pork recipe on Sunday. I will definitely try yours! I use the whey protein in my lc rolls per Maria’s recipe. They are ok, I made the less eggy version and I am very happy about that. So easy to make :) The next time I’ll experiment with flavours -Kim. Make sure to get the ones that look big and fluffy. 1/4 cup made a 7″ for me, but I made them as thin as I could, spreading the mix out past the edges with a rubber spatula, like a crepe. Hi Lyn, It worked perfectly for me. Thanks for taking the time to share your tips and commenting. Took me 5 stores until I figured that out. -Kim, hello how do you rate mission low carb wraps, Hi Anythony (Anthony?). I even went am extra step and fried them to see…maybe next time, I will use less eggs..4 instead of 6…. Great question, Debbie. BUT, this may depend on the brand of cream cheese you use. If those don’t work try a few different ones. However, all of this being said, I mentioned in my previous comment that I was going to try to use these for enchiladas. Has anyone tried corn flavoring in these? Makes an interesting starting point to other ‘pancake’ like recipes. It’s basically protein powder, egg whites and something else…. Easy to make and such a treat to have something to wrap around a hot dog or chicken salad! It’s sometimes hard to find things that make the whole family happy. Have a great week! I couldn’t agree more, the batter needs to be spread as thinly as possible with a spoon or else it’s just too thick to enjoy like a wrap. Great, Valerie. Thanks, Great, Melinda. But, I will say this. -Kim, Amazing ! -Kim. Hi Joanna. I believe next batch will be made with the spicy hot pork rinds, that should add a zing to a breakfast taco…, Great! This looks great! I used 1/4 cup in an 8 inch skillet. The amount of carbs listed on my nutritional calculator for this recipe is “trace”. I disagree about the cholesterol. I so needed this today. Thanks in advance! Have a great weekend. I love sharing! Hi Aysha. Aren’t pork rinds the absolute best? Need a lactose free option. Used somewhat like whey protein. To my delight, they did NOT disintegrate under the sauce and cheese as I feared they would. I think that 2-3 low carb tortillas during the week is okay if you aren’t sensitive to gluten. What can I use instead, Hi Joan.